Jerai Frog Fitness

Jerai Frog Fitness is the first concurrent strength and aerobic training device.

This Total Body Training Device will work every major muscle in your body, either individually to target and exhaust them, one or ALL AT ONCE! Every major muscle group simultaneously! Nothing works the entire body like the Frog! The design of the Frog allows for the user to match their specific abilities to the exercises they are performing.

So whether you’re a soccer mom getting started and wanting to tone up all over or an NFL Lineman pushing yourself to a new level, the Frog will help you reach and exceed your fitness goals.

Weight : 72 lbs

Dimensions : 53 x 17 x 18 in
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Front Axle Foam Pad
Two Left Wheels
Two Right Wheels
Two 10lb Resistance Bands
Two 20lb Resistance Bands
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The Frog comes standard with two 10 lbs resistance bands, two 20 lbs resistance bands, two 40 lbs resistance bands and two 60 lb resistance bands. The Frog allows for up to 3 bands per side so you can use as little as just 10 lbs per side for a total of 20 lbs of resistance. Or take off the 10 lbs and add just the 20 lbs on both sides for 40 lbs of resistance. Use any combination you want to match the exercise you’re doing. Want to hammer legs into submission, put on the 60 lbs, the 40 lbs, and the 20 lbs bands for a muscle shredding 240 lbs of resistance which comes standard.

The Frog™ is not about finding a user 1-rep max, it is about getting every muscle in your body maxed out and screaming as you pound out reps in either the signature horizontal position or the traditional vertical position. Get into the best shape of your life, lose weight, and feel better fast!

Here is a list of exercises you can do with The Frog.

Core Killers

Vertical Exercises -

Squats Front
Squat Back
Triceps Extensions
Good Morning’s
Shoulder Press Front
Shoulder Press Rear
Triceps Press
Upright Row
Upright Row Reverse Grip
Shoulder Raise Pronation
Shoulder Raise Supination
VM Push-Up
VM Core Killers
VM Dips

What is Included

Two 40lb Resistance Bands
Two 60lb Resistance Bands
One Removable Center Safety Pad
One Removable Removable Center Pad Wheel
Two Vertical Stabilizer Bars
Two Foot Pads
Assembly Guide

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