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With an almost limitless list of exercises covering all muscle groups, the LFT      can be enjoyed by both disabled and non disabled users.
Great for functional, strength and cardiovascular workouts.
Easy to access with adjustable arms which have a 360 degree range of motion      and also act as stability aids.
Loading capacity of over 100kg per arm.
Small footprint of only 150cm Wide x 220cm Long.
Maximum working space for 1 person 170cm Wide x 250cm or 330cm Wide x      250cm for 2 persons.


Limitless possibilities - every exercise can be performed with or without      additional weight plates.
Capable of incorporating battle ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and      suspension training rigs.
The Limitless Free Trainer is limited only by the creativity of it's user.
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The beauty lies within it's compact design (150cm x 200cm x 220cm.) Optimising space wherever it goes, adding diversity to any environment. Which until now, has not been achievable.
Experience the freedom of an entire gym at your finger tips.


It's dominant feature - the two loading arms are made from high grade machined stainless steel and are able to withstand massive amounts of pressure. The combination of a unique bearing system      and the rotating tri-grip creates a fluidity of movement which replicates that of a kettlebell or dumbbell.
The end result is a refined machine that offers absolute stability and ultimate range of motion.

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