Strength Club Line Series

My Gym Box

A compact and aesthetic centrepiece for your living room and your fitness goals. Smartly incorporated storage consisting of dumbbells, plates, bar and accessories all aid in helping maintain your fitness from the comfort of your home.

Exercise Variations -
Flat bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, pec fly, bicep curl, tricep extension, bent over row, landmine row, kettlebell variations, barbell curl, barbell row, barbell chest press, barbell shoulder press, resistance band rows, resistance band tricep extension, resistance band bicep curls, resistance band leg extension, resistance band leg curl, resistance band lateral raise, resistance band front raise etc.

Model : JHMGB

Length : 62 inches/157 cms
Width : 18 inches/46 cms
Height : 24 inches/70 cms

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